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ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC @ Knowlegde Alliance Cluster Forum in Brussels

From 31/01-01/02 the Knowlegde Alliance Cluster Forum took place in Brussels. University and business representatives from 62 projects exchanged experiences, shared the latest developments and met with their project officers from the EACEA. BizMOOC was there with Nina from IT Valley and Chris from FH JOANNEUM. New links have been created, new synergies identified and new project ideas drafted. A truly inspiring event.

ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC PilotMOOC#3 to start soon: Enrol now:-)

The MOOC on Intrapreneurship starts on 26th of February 2018. We already have more than +1.200 enrolments. So what are you waiting for – become part of the learning community to a great topic:

ByChristian Friedl

Knowledge Alliance Exchange #2: BizMOOC & Smart-Up

Chris from the BizMOOC Team recently hosted a webinar on Design Thinking in the sister-Knowledge Alliance “SMART UP”. This project developes an innovative Master Programme for students from Italy, Finnland, Greece and other countries in order to develop entrepreneurial competences. The webinar was part of the whole programme and ran in two sessions of 4 hours in total. Check out the project here:

ByChristian Friedl

Knowledge Alliance Exchange #1: Waves and BizMOOC

 Check out the WAVES project. They set out to combine skill sets of both academic and enterprise partners to make Scenario-based learning (SBL) more accessible for a wide range of professions. They are also in the process of developing a MOOC and invited experts and practicioners from other projects to feedback the design of the course. Chris of BizMOOC was taking part. Check out the project and their MOOC here:

ByChristian Friedl

First BizMOOC round table held in Potsdam

The first roundtable took place during the openHPI forum at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany. Christian Friedl (FH Joanneum) and Agnes Zur (University of Economics Cracow) moderated the roundtable. The following experts participated in the discussion: Thomas Neumann (AVL List GmbH), Thomas Staubitz (HPI), Christian Willems (HPI), Darco Jansen (EADTU), Karina Piersig (GGS Heilbronn), Christian Falkenberg (Signavio GmbH), Wolfram Greis (Academic Mainframe Consortium), Daniel Heß (IVA), Natalie Cernecka (EdTech expert), Prof. Dr. Oliver Jokisch (Chairman of the scientific advisory board – Center für Didactics Saxony (HDS)), Dr. Markus Deimann (Universität Lübeck/ mooin), Prof. Dr. Thomas Köhler (Technische Universität Dresden / TU9).

After a short introduction round, Christian presented briefly the BizMOOC project. Then, we started the discussion on the topic of sustainability of MOOCs in general and the main project outcomes of BizMOOC (the MOOC BOOK and the Pilot MOOCs) in more detail. The experts provided valuable insights and recommendations, which have been documented and will be taking into consideration when designing MOOC BOOK 2.0.

ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC in a live session on “Digital Trending Topics”.

Watch Chris of BizMOOC in a live session on “Digital Trending Topics”. The session was offered in a MOOC offered by the German Graduate School on “Human Resource Management in the digital age” and moderated by Martina Pumpat, one of hosts of the Corporate Digital Learning MOOC. Chris was invited to share the BizMOOC findings and discuss latest trends in that area.

ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC introduced to the SCOPE consortium

The BizMOOC project, the MOOC BOOK and the Pilot MOOCs have been presented to the consortium of the EU-funded project “SCOPE – Skills for Corporate Entrepreneurship” on Oct. 30th in Graz, Austria. The project partners were highly interested in our results and will closely follow our MOOC on Intrapreneurship.

Photo by: Dimitrios Doukas