Pilot MOOCs

The BizMOOC project pilots 3 Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) dedicated to relevant business topics and lifelong learning key competences. The courses are free and open for everyone, offered on different platforms and produced in interdisciplinary teams between universities and businesses. Check out the links below for further information:

Learning with MOOC for professional development

Transformed to

Digital Skills, Digital Learning

Start 16.10.2017 (self-paced, 4 weeks)

Registration from 1.10.2017


Start 9.4.2018 (self-paced, 4 weeks)

How to generate innovative ideas and how to make them work Start 13.11.17
End 24.12.2017
Registration from 16.10.2017 , with second run from 12.2.2018
Intrapreneurship: Make your business great again


Start 26.2.2018
End 9.4.2018
Registration from 1.12.2017