3rd International Conference Entrepreneurship for the XXI Century. Images and perspectives

This cyclical conference took place on the 24th and 25th of November 2016 at the Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw and gathered over 100 participants from different parts of the world. There was plenty of  possibilities to discussed different faces and aspects of entrepreneurship, and both classical and alternative research perspectives in entrepreneurship. The conference hosted academics from around the world as well as business and politics related people. The topics of interest for presentations and papers included:

  • Entrepreneurship research: perspectives, methods, inspirations,
  • Entrepreneurial education: theory and practice,
  • Entrepreneurial process,
  • Context of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ecosystem: cultural, legal and institutional conditions for venture creation and development,
  • Economic and social factors stimulating entrepreneurial activities,
  • Regional determinants of entrepreneurship,
  • Innovations and innovation management,
  • Enterprise growth and conditions for growth,
  • Financial and legal aspects of entrepreneurship,
  • Internationalization processes of small and medium companies,
  • International entrepreneurship,
  • Immigrant entrepreneurship,
  • Family business,
  • Business models creation, innovation and testing,
  • Crisis in the entrepreneurial activities: origins, meanings and answers,
  • Small business management – dilemmas and challenges.