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Our first MOOC starts on 16th of October 16: First teaser video online

Join “Learning with MOOCs for Professional Development”! The free, online course from BizMOOC that you can take anytime. We explore your learning style, take a closer look at MOOCs and build your digital skills.

The course starts on October 16th, 2017. Registration will be open from October 1st. Information will be published on and Stay tuned!

ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC survey and interviews almost done

We have already received almost 1.200 answers to our BizMOOC survey – thank you very much for participating and contributing to our research! The survey stays open until the end of the week (26th June), afterwards we will conduct the evaluation. The results will be incorporated in our MOOC BOOK, which will go live on this website.

Also, the majority of the 110 qualitative interviews are carried out and we have started with our analysis. We would also like to thank all universities, businesses and organisations for participating.

We are very curious about the results and we will keep you updated.

Your BizMOOC consortium

ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC present at different European Project meetings

BizMOOC was presented, disseminated and discussed at several events lately, involving target Groups from South Amercia and Maghreb countries too:

  • INCHIPE, Cap.-Building project, Kick-Off Meeting University of Sevilla, Spain: Presentation of BizMOOC project to INCHIPE project consortium which are university representatives & International Office Directors & staff from 4 South Amercian universites (Peru &
    Chile), as well as University of Sevilla, INCOMA company Sevilla, Uni Viseu (Portugal)”

    Foto 07.03.16, 15 21 36

  • LOGIC Regional Workshop on quality assurance at the University of Alicante, Spain: University representatives from Maghreb countries (Université Abdelhamid Ibn Badis de Mostaganem, (Algeria), Université de la Formation Continue (Algeria; represented by the rector), Université Sidi, Mohamed Ben Abdellah (Morocco), Mohammed V Souissi University (Morocco), Higher Institute of Technology (Tunisia), Université de Gabès (Tunisia)) and University of Alicante, UNED Madrid and Université, de Joseph Fourrier Grenoble 1, and also to Audrey FRITH, Director  of LifeLong Learning Platform (EUCIS-LLL)


  • INCHIPE, Cap.-Building project, Study Visit at FH JOANNEUM Graz, Austria: Presentation of BizMOOC project to INCHIPE South Amercian partners from 4 South Amercian universites (Peru & Chile)

    slide bizmooc study visit inchipe

ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC at the EMOOCS2016 conference at the University of Graz, 22-24/2/16

The “BizMOOC” Project have been presented during the Panel session “European Support Services for developing MOOCs” at the EMOOCs2016 conference at the University of Graz, 22-24/2/16. BizMOOC consortium members Christian Friedl from FH JOANNEUM and Darco Jansen from EADTU have been invited to the Podium chaired by Prof. António Moreira Teixeira, U Aberta, Portugal discussing the following Topics:

  • Assisting HEIs in developing a strategy in MOOCs [1-2’ for each project + 3-4’ for Q&A]
  • Open MOOC platforms (How to select-develop them; services in the cloud for MOOC platforms
  • Implementing – developing  pedagogical model for MOOC
  • Support teachers (MOOC teams in HEI) in MOOC design and implementation
  •  Learning analytics services
  •  Automatic transcript and translation services
  •  Evaluation (of participants) and research
  •  Credits and Quality models

20160223_12272524862701189_bae6930107_bFoto 22.02.16, 13 07 23

ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC at the Knowlegde Alliance Kick-Off in Brussels

Foto 17.02.16, 08 49 05

On 17 February 2016, the 10 selected Knowledge Alliances of the 2015 Call round have been invited to the EACEA premises in Brussels to present their project, Dissemination activities, impact measurement, and collaboration opportunities as well to learn more about the policy context, reporting and audit requirements of the funding programme. BizMOOC has been represented by Christian Friedl, the project Manager of the coordinator´s Institution, FH JOANNEUM – University of Applied Sciences Graz.


Foto 17.02.16, 13 16 57

ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC kick-off meeting in Graz, 9 – 11 February 2016

The Europen-wide Knowledge Alliance “BizMOOCstarted on 1st of January 2016 and will run over a period of 3 years. The Institute of International Management from the FH JOANNEUM functions as the project coordinator and organized a 3-day kick-off meeting in Graz from 9 – 11 February 2016.

The partners elaborated the implementation plan of each of the 9 work packages on the first day. The second day was dedicated to present and discuss the first findings to the State of the Art in 11 research areas of the MOOC movement and tailor the research methodology to each of the 3 main target groups of the project. The last day closed with project management issues as well as the first meeting of the BizMOOC general assembly of the steering committee.

IMG_9843 copy    IMG_1817_2