ByNina Trskova

BizMOOC is….

With final days of the project, we thought it would be a fun way to look back and ask team members what this project means to them, what they think about when BizMOOC is in discussion. So here is, Christian Friedl talking about what BizMOOC is to him.

ByNina Trskova


Who needs Black Friday or Cyber Monday, when the new MOOCBOOK is available at any time and for free?! The team went through all the questions and comments, so just go to and find out what is this new version all about.

And what is BizMOOC project to you? We asked our team members and will be sharing the answers soon.

ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC Final Conference: What an inspiring day of exchange about business competences in the digital age!

On Nov 9th, 2018, the final conference of the BizMOOC project took place in Cracow. 3 keynotes, 1 academic panel, 1 business panel, 6 academic papers, 1 discussion roundtable, 3 workshops, 1 special dinner keynote, more than 100 experts from business and academia – those are only the numbers to these special event where business experts, scholars from university and students put their heads together to discuss approach to close skills gap in business competences with MOOCs and beyond.

The MOOC BOOK was presented, the keynotes live-streamed and the unique venue of the Cracow University of Economics provided the perfect framework.

Thanks for coming and sharing. Here are the first pictures, more to come soon.


ByChristian Friedl

The new MOOC BOOK is here :-)

The new MOOC BOOK has been published and received great feedback at the final conference of the BizMOOC project last week. Check it out here and receive guidelines, recommendations, lessons learnt and good practice – all you need to know around MOOC for the world of business.


ByChristian Friedl

Final Project Meeting: wrap-up & the show will go on:-)

On 8th Nov 2018, the BizMOOC consortium met for the last time to wrap up the final results, decide about follow-up initiatives beyond the project and also, took some time to celebrate the outcome of 3 intensive years of cooperation. Official news will follow, but we can already leak the information that the MOOC BOOK continue beyond the project end. Chapeau!

ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC Final Conference Fast Approaching

Only 10 days left, until we meet in Cracow on 9th of November for the final conference of the BizMOOC project. Almost 100 people registered so far > if you are interested to join, you can do a late registration here:

ByChristian Friedl

MOOC BOOK 2.0 coming

The new version of our MOOC BOOK featuring  lesson learnt, recommendations and good practice from our Pilot MOOCs is already available in beta-mode and currently under final review. We are more then excited to present the MOOC BOOK 2.0 in the next days – stay tuned for more news shortly.

ByChristoph Resei

BizMOOC at EdCrunch 2018 – Moscow, Russia

The BizMOOC Project team was invited to present their project results at the EdCrunch Conference 2018 in Moscow, Russia between 1-2 October 2018. Christoph Resei from FH Joanneum represented the BizMOOC team at EdCrunch, one of the largest and most well-known global conference for technology in education, having more than 5000 participants and 20 000 online viewers. A huge opportunity for BizMOOC!

About EdCrunch2018:


ByChristian Friedl

BizMOOC hosting a webinar on Tuesday 23 October, 14.30-15.30 CEST

Join us this Tuesday 23 October, 14.30-15.30 CEST for a live webinar session on “MOOCs for the world of business”.

This webinar series called “MOOC Design” and hosted by OpenupEd. Chris of our BizMOOC Team will discuss with you interesting findings and trends connected to MOOCs in business use. Book your free access here.

What to expect?

MOOCs are entering the business sector, especially in the field of Human Resource Development and customer training. Still, the experience and awareness level with MOOCs among employers and labour force is still rather low. The BizMOOC project explored the potential of MOOCs for use in business from different perspectives: Surveys and interviews with all actors (companies, universities and learners), the implementation and comprehensive evaluation of 3 MOOC Pilots and the integration of external experts, advisors, but also the community. In this webinar, Christian Friedl, the coordinator of the BizMOOC project, will present the latest lessons learnt, invites to jointly reflect on the recommendations drawn and showcases good practice identified.

ByNina Trskova

Round tables Bulgaria, Austria and Spain

Talking about barriers and opportunities to better exploit the potentials of MOOCs, round tables took place to discuss the future and uptake of the outcomes of BizMOOC. Some very interesting points have been made and we are looking forward to the next meetings in Italy and Slovakia!