Digital Skills, Digital Learning

Learning with MOOCs for Professional Development has transformed to Digital Skills, Digital Learning.

Are you looking to update your skills? Would you like to show your future employer you are not just ‘out of college’? Would you like to move up in your field or gain experience in an area you are not yet working on? Then you might be interested in taking a Massive Open Online Course, a MOOC. This free course will help you understand how you can use MOOCs for learning, and how you can grow professionally studying a MOOC, whether or not you are already in employment.

What will you learn about in this MOOC?
After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand how learning takes place everyday
  • Appreciate and develop the qualities, skills and knowledge you have already
  • Know how to learn effectively using MOOCs
  • Explore a range of digital skills and practices
  • Develop a critical approach to learning online”

How much time do I need?
The course lasts 4 weeks, with approximately 3 hours of study time each week. You can work through the course at your own pace, so if you have more time one week there is no problem with pushing on to complete another week’s study. You can also jump in and out of the different sections following your interests

Anything else? On completion, you will receive a free Statement of Participation.

Registration Opens: The course starts on October 16th, 2017. Registration will be open from October 1st. To enroll, please go to: http://bit.ly/bizMOOC1 . The new iteration of the course will have a facilitated element over the period 9 April – 6 May 2018. To join the course go to : https://bit.ly/2uoBscp