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ByAndrea Kalafusová 20 Mar,2017

Identification of regions and players lagging behind in MOOC Initiatives

The motivation to establish MOOCs, in Europe, can not be the same as in the other regions of the world. The European dimension of this process, w

ByAndrea Kalafusová 16 Mar,2017

Identification of existing online learning materials with regards to entrepreneurship

Do you want to know more about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education? Do you want to learn about existing online courses devoted to ent

ByAndrea Kalafusová 3 Mar,2017

Issues for MOOC recognition, certification and accreditation.

As MOOC’s become more popular, ensuring those who undertake them are able to make the most of the skills they gain, and ensuring appropriate re

ByAndrea Kalafusová 1 Mar,2017

BizMOOC learning design workshop at the Open University UK

The BizMOOC teams currently meets at the Open University UK facilities in Cardiff, Wales to design and kick-start the production of its 3 Pilot M

ByAndrea Kalafusová 27 Feb,2017

MOOCs and Human Resource Development

Especially in a global setting, the proper education and development of all the staff is a crucial part of success factors and often a necessity

ByAndrea Kalafusová 23 Feb,2017

Two papers on MOOCs and their role in entrepreneurship education were presented at

3rd International Conference Entrepreneurship for the XXI Century. Images and perspectives This cyclical conference took place on the 24th an

ByAndrea Kalafusová 20 Feb,2017

Existing MOOC quality models

Considering the quality of MOOCs, it is essential to guarantee a worthwhile learning experience for the learner and at the same time to reach the

ByAndrea Kalafusová 13 Feb,2017

Drivers behind MOOCs/reasons to get involved

MOOCs are increasingly regarded as a way to gain access to higher education. Do you want to learn in your own time and your own pace? Do you wan

ByAndrea Kalafusová 30 Jan,2017

For free or not for free?

Business models behind MOOCs MOOCs are offered for free and there are monetary costs associated with it - so why do businesses offer them? This

ByAndrea Kalafusová 26 Jan,2017

BizMOOC @ Learntec, one of the largest eLearning exhibitions

With more than 240 exhibitors, 200 speakers and almost 7.000 visitors, LEARNTEC in Karlsruhe is one of the largest exhibitions for corporate eLea

ByAndrea Kalafusová 12 Jan,2017

Existing types of MOOCs and approaches to teaching

Ever wonder what the ‘x’ in xMOOC stands for, or how the MOOC phenomenon started? This paper will walk you through how the historical dev

ByAndrea Kalafusová 9 Jan,2017

Setting the scene for MOOC provision in Europe

From courses on mindfulness to an introduction to marketing at universities and businesses across Europe the potential of using MOOCs as a learni

ByAndrea Kalafusová 20 Dec,2016

Fostering Innovation and Creativity through MOOCs

The Potential of MOOCs for Innovation and Creativity Centred Education There are various factors for the exponentially increasing popularity of

ByAndrea Kalafusová 12 Dec,2016

BizMOOC presented at the European Commission

Christian Friedl of FH JOANNEUM and Thomas Neumann of AVL List GmbH represented BizMOOC at the Thematic  Cluster Meeting on Knowlegde Alliances

About Biz MOOC


Project Description

BizMOOC - Knowledge Alliance to enable a European-wide exploitation of the potential of MOOCs for the world of business Programme: Erasmus+ | Key Action 2 | Knowledge Alliances Reference Number: 562286-EPP-1-2015-1-AT-EPPKA2-KA


Partner institutions: FH JOANNEUM Graz (AT), Open University (UK), University de Alicante (ES), Burgas Free University (BG), University of Economics Krakow (PL), AVL List GmbH (AT), Hasso Plattner Institute (DE), DIDA srl (IT), Košice IT Valley (SK), The National Unions of Students in Europe (BE), EADTU (NL)

Project Outcomes

BizMOOC benefits businesses, HEIs, teachers, learners & policy-makers through the core results MOOC BOOK (business & quality models, methods & tools, IPR strategies, certification, competence-based education etc.), Pilot MOOCs, BizMOOC Community & events.