ByDonatella Ricci


This chapter provides guidelines for the three target groups of the MOOC BOOK:

  1. Businesses/Organisations »
  2. Higher Education Institutions »
  3. Learners (Society) »

All 3 guidelines provide a number of relevant questions and answers relating to how MOOCs address each target group. Please use the comment feature to provide us feedback on specific questions, add missing information or just start a discussion. The MOOC BOOK team will consider all your suggestions when producing version 2.0.

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Silvia T.Posted on  12:53 pm - May 14, 2018

I think this website offers a great and comprehensive collection of relevant theory and aspects of MOOCs for the business world! The structure and navigation should be improved, e.g. moving the main chapters from the right side to the top would definitely increase the user-friendliness.

Maria HinterPosted on  12:54 pm - Feb 16, 2018

I think the book is great, but navigation should be made a lot easier and faster

LudmilaPosted on  7:46 pm - Feb 4, 2018

I work with young people from many fields and I will definitely share this with them.

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