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Already using MOOCs? How can businesses or citizens benefit from MOOCs? Who uses MOOC and why?


  • Receive guidelines, recommendations and good practice how to apply MOOCs;
  • Learn about opportunities for the use of MOOCs;
  • Find out more about the potential of MOOC for enabling collaboration between business and higher education;
  • Review and contribute to a range of briefing papers;
  • Discuss hot topics such as quality, business models or certification.


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The MOOC BOOK is realized under the umbrella of the EU-funded project “BizMOOC – Knowledge Alliance to enable a European-wide exploitation of the potential of MOOCs for the world of business” (Erasmus+ / Key Action 2 / Knowledge Alliance;562286-EPP-1-2015-1-AT-EPPKA2-KA).

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PatrickPosted on  1:34 pm - May 3, 2018

I think the MOOC about intrapreneurship is very interesting as it talks about a very important type of “entrepreneurship” and the guidebook is also very helpful especially probably for people who are not familiar with MOOCs. Additionally, I also find MOOCs in general very interesting as a learning method since they are very innovative and people can interact with other people from around the world.

Koper IngaujaPosted on  11:28 am - Apr 9, 2018

The search button is missing, otherwise good job.

Filip P.Posted on  1:35 pm - Mar 22, 2018

Many thanks for this publication. I will definitely use it, at least, for my own personal development.

Maria HinterPosted on  11:45 am - Mar 22, 2018

Incredible work! Very useful for our interdiciplinary projects.

Adam GajekPosted on  12:10 pm - Mar 20, 2018

This Guidebook looks like a very good piece of work!
I like that all definitions and abbreviations are explained, this enchases accessibility for readers who are not experts in the topic.
I have two suggestions:
1. I think that fonts are too small and they are hard to read
2. Maybe there should be a shorter guidebook for learners only, when you use the course as a Lerner you always have a lot of questions, so you need a quick look to a comprehensive guidebook!
Great job!

Marija AnjaPosted on  4:37 am - Mar 20, 2018

This is great study material as I am responsible for creating a new MOOC. Thanks!

GoharPosted on  7:19 am - Feb 17, 2018

Such a comprehensive study on MOOCs! Managed to go through the content list, looking forward for reading the whole study.

Nina TrskovaPosted on  10:30 am - Feb 8, 2018

We work with HEIs and shared this project with them, lecturers find it very interesting and helpful with further personal development.

JanPosted on  10:22 am - Feb 8, 2018

very nice project and very good manualReference

JanaPosted on  10:14 am - Feb 8, 2018

Will pass this on to my colleagues, our students will be interested.

Stephen CrossPosted on  12:05 am - Feb 5, 2018

Thanks a lot for this manual. I found a lot of ideas to think about.Hopefully future of education will be bright for everyone.

Rita HenzelyovaPosted on  8:13 pm - Feb 4, 2018

Very interesting and helpful. Thank you!

JanPosted on  7:52 pm - Feb 4, 2018

will look more in the depth, but this seems to be a useful and helpful, I just downloaded pdf version.

Michael ForrestPosted on  2:42 am - Jan 30, 2018

I am interested in attending a course. I am based in Sydney Australia.
How would it be possible to sit the final exam?

    Christian FriedlPosted on  10:46 am - Jan 30, 2018

    Hi Michael, Thank you for your interest. In which MOOC are you interested in? We are offering three courses in the BizMOOC project. For example, in the MOOC on Intrapreneurship there are several options including a final exam online.

PaliPosted on  10:34 am - Jan 26, 2018

I went through the MOOC BOOK and found it very interesting, I believe this is a great guide for those enrolled in MOOCs.

Paul Hubert VossenPosted on  1:10 pm - Jan 15, 2018

I wonder if and how MOOCs have advanced already in the direction of group learning, in contrast to individual learning. My interest stems in particular from the well-known problem in more traditional HE of “awarding” group members a fair grade (or score or similar) in comparison to their peers. This is called the Team-Mate-Dilemma. Having worked out on my own a complete solution to this problem, including scoring rules and scales, I would like to investigate how that might be integrated in e.g. MOOCs. Thanks for any helpful information.

DonatellaPosted on  11:08 am - Dec 21, 2017

This Mooc is a challenge for everyone, including for us operators in the e-learning sector for many years.

Christian HolstPosted on  4:10 pm - Dec 6, 2017

I don’t actually see from a logical point of view why payable MOOCs are excluded by definition. Whether you pay or whether it’s for free shouldn’t make a difference neither in the learning experience nor in the technical issues that go along with it. In fact, you could turn the argument around: if a supplier requires a fee he of course is much more obliged to provide good quality than someone who doesn’t invest.

Christian HolstPosted on  3:30 pm - Dec 6, 2017

I miss the search button

Stanislav SimeonovPosted on  8:27 pm - Dec 1, 2017

This is a very useful resource for all who intend to benefit from MOOCs but also for those who already have experience in this field. The information is very well structured. A very good idea is to allow users to add comments and share opinions. Thus, the resource is evolving continuously.

Radko DrenchevPosted on  2:45 pm - Nov 29, 2017

MOOCs provide an opportunity for learning new skills and expanding the knowledge of employees, while at the same time the size of employers’ investment for the human resources’ training is diminishing. This makes MOOCs a very suitable solution for corporate training. In this respect, the provided online resource MOOC BOOK is very useful for any organization that intends to use this educational offer and / or to be involved in the process of developing such courses.

Stanislav SimeonovPosted on  1:53 pm - Nov 29, 2017

For me, as a university lecturer, this guide is very useful. The use of the MOOCs as part of an education course or in addition to it allows to explore different approaches, examples and concepts that complement and enrich the knowledge gained through the classical university training courses.

Radovesta StewartPosted on  11:28 pm - Nov 14, 2017

Great contribution to the MOOC field. It is a helpful guide for everyone who want to learn how to create and provide MOOCs. Hopefully more people here in Europe start to use them as online training tool.

Viktoriya DanilovaPosted on  12:25 pm - Nov 13, 2017

hank you for the work done! The book is really handy and helpful!
I’d like to recommend a bit more pedagogical context to be included. As a teacher, I’d rather use it as a good tool for developing theoretical and practical readiness of my students in my domain.

Mariya NeychevaPosted on  12:20 pm - Nov 13, 2017

I am deeply impressed by the overall idea of the project. The on line resources developed under the project provide an exposure to a vast range of interesting and important topics and good practices as well. This is necessary for the further development of MOOCs especially for those with little or no experience in this modern field of training.

Vanina PenchevaPosted on  8:26 am - Nov 10, 2017

I’ve been impressed by the opportunities the book provides and I’ll surely spend time to find out how to use them in my work.

Rositsa GeorgievaPosted on  2:37 pm - Nov 9, 2017

It was very interesting to me to read about the opportunities that MOOC provides for training. What I learnt would be very useful for the training activities of our organization.

Evgeniya NikolovaPosted on  2:35 pm - Nov 7, 2017

The book presents an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and potential of the MOOC from different aspects: business, educational organizations – colleges and universities and society. Important issues have been affected by the following topics: creativity and innovation in education in European aspect, intellectual property rights in e-learning, entrepreneurship education through MOOC, certification. It is useful.

Evgeniya NikolovaPosted on  12:35 pm - Nov 7, 2017

The book presents an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and potential of the MOOC from different aspects: business, educational organizations – colleges and universities and society. Important issues have been affected by the following topics: creativity and innovation in education in European aspect, intellectual property rights in e-learning, entrepreneurship education through MOOC, certification. It is very helpful.

Mariya Monova-ZhelevaPosted on  9:37 pm - Apr 23, 2017

The guide is very helpful. The good practices presented are helpful for the development and applying of MOOCs in any domain.Reference

    Assel KozhakhmetovaPosted on  5:54 am - Nov 14, 2017

    Dear colleagues, taking into account that Mooc is one of the modern directions in the education process, I think the presented MoocBook has perfect structure and will help to students who will be interested in Mooc.

NatasaPosted on  10:25 am - Mar 16, 2017

Sounds like a very promissing work! I will study the guide for supporting the development of our new MOOC on Entrepreneurship!Reference

Christian FriedlPosted on  4:51 pm - Feb 13, 2017

Dear Noemi,
Many Thanks for your message. The MOOC BOOK goes live by the End of this month and you will have access to all contents then. If you have any feedback or comments then, please feel free to contribute to the MOOC BOOK then and also share your research results there.
Best regards,

Christian FriedlPosted on  4:50 pm - Feb 13, 2017

Dear J.B. Shaw, Thanks for the advice, we have already added ClassCentral to the content which will go live by the End of February. Best regards,

J.B. ShawPosted on  8:38 pm - Jan 29, 2017

BizMOOC Staff: Please add “MOOC Browser” to BizMOOC’s MOOC Book Glossary, i.e. Class-Central @
http;// Class-Central’s Business MOOC Section: Enjoy 🙂 J.B. Shaw (MERLOT Member

Noemi StelzigPosted on  10:18 am - Jan 24, 2017

To Whome it may concerne,
I am currently envolved in a reserach for the Jean-Monnet ans Erasmus + funded projekt “EQUALITY TRAINING NETWORK: EU CONTRIBUTIONS TO GENDER MAINSTREAMING AND CITIZENSHIP” at the Freie Universität Berlin. Would it be possible for you to gant me access to your MOOc BOOK or is this tool for internal use only? We are currently developing a manual for HEI-docents on OER, including MOOCs, and Genderequaity. Your results on Best Practice and Guidlines might be highly relevant and interesing for your reserach.
With kind regads from Berlin,
Noemi Stelzig
Reaerch Assistent G-NET Berlin

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