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Already using MOOCs? How can businesses or citizens benefit from MOOCs? Who uses MOOC and why?


  • Receive guidelines, recommendations and good practice how to apply MOOCs;
  • Learn about opportunities for the use of MOOCs;
  • Find out more about the potential of MOOC for enabling collaboration between business and higher education;
  • Review and contribute to a range of briefing papers;
  • Discuss hot topics such as quality, business models or certification.



How to use?

Use the menu bar to the right to navigate through the chapters;
To comment, click on the “+”-icon which pops up when scrolling over each paragraph; we will consider all your feedback and inputs for MOOC BOOK Version 2.0; you do not have to enter your website and e-mail address (however, it would be great to connect);
To produce a PDF of the full MOOC BOOK, click on the first PDF symbol displayed at the top of each chapter;
To produce a PDF of one chapter, click on the second PDF symbol displayed at the top of the respective chapter;
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The MOOC BOOK is realized under the umbrella of the EU-funded project “BizMOOC – Knowledge Alliance to enable a European-wide exploitation of the potential of MOOCs for the world of business” (Erasmus+ / Key Action 2 / Knowledge Alliance;562286-EPP-1-2015-1-AT-EPPKA2-KA).

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Mariya Monova-ZhelevaPosted on  9:37 pm - Apr 23, 2017

The guide is very helpful. The good practices presented are helpful for the development and applying of MOOCs in any domain.Reference

NatasaPosted on  10:25 am - Mar 16, 2017

Sounds like a very promissing work! I will study the guide for supporting the development of our new MOOC on Entrepreneurship!Reference

Christian FriedlPosted on  4:51 pm - Feb 13, 2017

Dear Noemi,
Many Thanks for your message. The MOOC BOOK goes live by the End of this month and you will have access to all contents then. If you have any feedback or comments then, please feel free to contribute to the MOOC BOOK then and also share your research results there.
Best regards,

Christian FriedlPosted on  4:50 pm - Feb 13, 2017

Dear J.B. Shaw, Thanks for the advice, we have already added ClassCentral to the content which will go live by the End of February. Best regards,

J.B. ShawPosted on  8:38 pm - Jan 29, 2017

BizMOOC Staff: Please add “MOOC Browser” to BizMOOC’s MOOC Book Glossary, i.e. Class-Central @
http;// Class-Central’s Business MOOC Section: Enjoy 🙂 J.B. Shaw (MERLOT Member

Noemi StelzigPosted on  10:18 am - Jan 24, 2017

To Whome it may concerne,
I am currently envolved in a reserach for the Jean-Monnet ans Erasmus + funded projekt “EQUALITY TRAINING NETWORK: EU CONTRIBUTIONS TO GENDER MAINSTREAMING AND CITIZENSHIP” at the Freie Universität Berlin. Would it be possible for you to gant me access to your MOOc BOOK or is this tool for internal use only? We are currently developing a manual for HEI-docents on OER, including MOOCs, and Genderequaity. Your results on Best Practice and Guidlines might be highly relevant and interesing for your reserach.
With kind regads from Berlin,
Noemi Stelzig
Reaerch Assistent G-NET Berlin

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